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Among renovation projects in your home, kitchen remodeling often takes priority. That’s why kitchen cabinets often play a key role in the overall layout and design of this area. Unlike other objects with different options, you can only do three things with a cabinet: replacing, resurfacing, or refinishing. Keep reading this guide to choose the best option for your home.

Cabinet Installation

Kitchen cabinet installation is quite simple in comparison with refinishing or resurfacing. It is important to know that this option is not only ideal for new homeowners. Instead, you would consider this choice if you need to change the design, feel, or layout of the area completely. The process often starts with removing the existing cabinets.

While it is definitely possible for DIYers to do these tasks themselves, they can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional carpenter who would perform the tasks without damaging your kitchen’s walls. This would eventually help you save a lot of money in the coming years.

Cabinet Resurface

As the name implies, cabinet resurfacing means that you will completely replace the handles, drawers, faces, and doors. In addition, the process might involve the coverage of the existing cabinet outlines or boxes with thinner layers. Though this option cannot correct a bad design, it would update the look of your kitchen to suit your personal taste. It often takes no more than 1 week to complete the project.

There are many ways to resurface kitchen cabinets. The most affordable options include RTF or thermofoil. They are available in a wide range of patterns, textures, as well as solid colors. The most expensive method is to use solid wood drawer fronts and doors. This creates a more customizable and authentic appearance. For this reason, many homeowners are willing to spend more to meet their personal preferences and impress other people.

Cabinet Refinish

Refinishing a kitchen cabinet often consists of repainting, sanding, staining, glazing, or the combination of any tasks. While resurfacing requires new materials, the main goal of this option is to update the current look of the item. If you are experienced with cosmetic repairing, painting, or stripping, then this job can be simpler for you. Otherwise, it is better to hire a professional service.

There are many ways of refinishing a kitchen cabinet. Paint can be used to brighten up an old surface. Wood units would be restored by using stain in the same tone. The decision will depend on your budget and preference.


Your kitchen is probably the most frequently renovated area in your house and cabinets play an essential role in a new layout or design. Depending on your budget and goals, one of the mentioned options would be suitable.

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